Feedback from course delegates

Comments from previous trainees attending recent courses.

"Really engaging interactive sessions."

K P (Pacing course, 2015)


"Dr Ben Ariff was superb, made the whole course very interesting."

 R L (CT course, 2015)


"Thanks for the travel tips - it was really easy to fly in for the day through Heathrow. I made it back in plenty of time."

M A (Nuclear course, 2015)


"I've heard about another CT course which was just some slides / [and] videos for a day. This one was completely different - worked every problem through on [a] workstation. Amazing - never thought I could do it!"

J P (CT course, 2015)


"Massive confidence boost with handling the programmers. Thank you very much for doing this." 

C K (Pacing course, 2015)


"Very clear lectures. Good example cases."

R L (Pulmonary Hypertension 2015)


"Amazed at number of cases I actually got to do myself on workstation. Definitely recommend"

            J N (CT course, 2015)


"Exam very hard. Need more time for practice on programmers."

 [The course was subsequently modified to provide much more time, in smaller groups in separate rooms]

   J P (Pacing course, 2015)


"Enthusiastic lecturer - very easy to learn from."  

[referring to D Gopalan]       S T (Nuclear course, 2015)


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